Project Brief
What We Do
We are bunch of young and creative talents and strive to bring you thoughtful video contents. A team of Scriptwriter, Photographer, and other artist capable of bringing you the ideas that makes mark in audience’s mind. From Scripting, Production, to editing we bring all at one place.
  • Animation
  • Brand Films
  • Scripting
  • Production
ReliefPad Animation Film
Animation films have a world of their own.
HClub Stop Motion Film (WIP)
From ideation to scripting to post-production, making a stop motion picture is a learning process in itself. We evolve as we figure.
Work in Progress
Mivi Digital Content
Producing digital content is tricky. Putting Mivi’s message across had always been a major objective. And we did it effortlessly.
Powerbank Launch
Mivi’s customers are creative, fun-loving and drawn to innovation, just like the brand. Hence, making the launch experience meaningful, productive, and cohesive was the prerogative here.
ThunderBeat Launch Teaser
We launched a series of talk-worthy creative campaigns encompassing digital media and branding aimed at establishing Mivi as a premium brand whose quality products are worth paying more for.
Bond It Up!
To build mass awareness, it was decided to look at a cult character to represent the products right from the start. A series of stop-motion videos were released to highlight the toughness of the products and we knew we would be able to create a powerful simulation.


An Year Long Time-lapse
Ascent Meditech limited started building a new factory in the outskirts of Mumbai. They wanted to capture this journey through the lens where a building is coming out of the barren land over a long period. So it’s like capturing one plus year in a minute.
Work in Progress

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