Project Brief
The overall mission was to build brand love among a younger generation. We launched a series of talk-worthy creative campaigns encompassing digital media and branding aimed at establishing Mivi as a premium brand whose quality products are worth paying more for.
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital & SMM
  • SEO & Ad Words Management
  • Campaigns Development across portal
  • Web Materials Design
  • Amazon Marketing
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Product Launches
Mivi’s customers are creative, fun-loving and drawn to innovation, just like the brand. Hence, making the launch experience meaningful, productive, and cohesive was the prerogative here.
ThunderBeat Launch
The campaign was focused on world-famous landmarks such as the statues of David, Liberty and The Thinker and executing a tightly woven experience was the takeaway here. The tagline ‘Let the music play’ was used to bring the campaign to life and how even the sculptures couldn’t resist grooving to the beats churned out by the earphones remained the focus.
Google Ads
Mivi makes the right noise in the digital market, thanks to our promotional activity on social media and Google.
Power Bank launch
A holistic online campaign was structured to spark initial excitement. We focused on three mighty animals, the Lion, Tiger, and Elephant and featured our product as the hero here. Each animal was specifically designed to create an immersive brand experience. With a catchy tagline, ‘Power that intimidates even the Powerful’, the campaign succeeded in creating an enriching consumer experience.
SAXO Headphone launch
Bluetooth headphones are in vogue, and everyone seems to be looking for one. Our creative ideas made these headphones look even cooler. Imagine wearing them to your morning walks – because we advocate you look better with this amazing gadget.
A fun launch teaser to engage consumer across platform to share their fun videos and increase conversion for product curiosity prior to product launch.
Collar Headphone Launch
Why are collar headphones making such a noise everywhere? Because we are bringing to you the important highlights of this product as our creative juices flow.
Bond It Up!
To build mass awareness, it was decided to look at a cult character to represent the products right from the start. The solution was to turn to James Bond to convey that Mivi products are tough, durable and made for rugged usage. A series of stop-motion videos were released to highlight the toughness of the productsand we knew we would be able to create a powerful simulation.

The Remarkable campaign revolving around phone cases was built to evoke curiosity amongst existing customers through a series of riveting creatives. The task at hand was to create a campaign that could build a movement—not just based on the brand’s mission, but for the phone covers themselves.

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