Project Brief
The company had its roots firmly entrenched in banking services and were just starting out with their courier arm. Our aim was to reinvigorate a brand and category that’s always known it’s financial services and not logistics. We helped in everything from the conception to the marketing of the product while also creating a video to get people excited about it. The primary purpose was to unleash the emotion behind the brand and convey that Meghdoot is ready to break new barriers in the courier space with a firm focus on speed and timeliness.
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Campaign Management
Comfort & Reliability
The paper rocket depicts the commitment to speed and efficiency and to convey that no other team that will do the job quicker and at breakneck speeds.
The paper couch represents the convenience and ease it bestows upon the customers no matter if they’re at the office, home or on the go. Pick-ups can be easily scheduled and to suit the individual’s comfort.
The paper-boat signifies that geographical boundaries are of no significance and that they offer a reliable worldwide courier service.
How we went about our business
The video message was to add a bit of pizzazz to the page by making it exceptionally creative, thus conveying that one doesn’t need to always use Photoshop; for designing and campaigns can be fun as well.
Faster Than You Imagine Campaign
Our series of campaign was aimed at educating the market on the brand by focusing on other feature of the service such as tracking/Home pick up etc. thus helping make the Meghdoot brand more accessible and approachable.
Trusted since 1987
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